Friday, April 4, 2008

Proof of life from the Colombian jungle

Óscar Tulio Lizcano González was kidnapped by the 47th Brigade of the FARC in the rural municipality of Caldas in 2000 when he was traveling on a political tour. Yesterday, France embarked on a humanitarian mission with the goal of making contact with the FARC and offering medical services to the sickest of the kidnapped prisoners. This came after reports that the health of Ingrid Betancourt had taken a turn for the worst, and that, according to some reports, she could die in a matter of days.
Yesterday, the controversial senator, Piedad Córdoba, who has been working with President Chavez in favor of a prisoner exchange, unexpectedly released a video from the FARC offering proof of survival for the kidnapped senator.
Senator Lizcano urged President Uribe to continue working toward creative solutions for a prisoner exchange. He spoke directly to his wife, telling her that he feels strong and that he continues fighting every day.
He also made a direct appeal to President Chavez, asking him to do whatever he could do get them out of the jungle, because, in his words, "we're rotting here." He quoted Simon Bolívar saying, "we must do the impossible because what everyone else does every day is worry about "the possible." Perhaps one of the most moving statements came near the end when he says, "We must get out of here because I feel like a boat sinking down into the water with all its lights still on."